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        About company

        Starting from 2014 Freezepoint company supplies to the European market quality refrigeration equipment produced by JUKA.

        We strive to meet the needs of our customers to the best of our abilities, so we offer profitable price-quality correlation and comprehensive service.


        Persistently high quality

        Our production is manufactured according to latest technologies on modern equipment.
        All units undergo three-stage quality control.

        Advantages of our refrigeration equipment are effective cooling process and low power consumption.

        Comprehensive service

        We are not just selling refrigeration equipment,
        but we also provide services for all phases of a unit
        life cycle – from professional advice on purchase
        to assistance with recycling of equipment
        at the end of its working cycle.

        Purchasing our equipment you can be sure that
        our Freezepoint team will timely provide you
        necessary advice and professional assistance.

        We are constantly improving
        and we are responsible to ourselves
        and to our customers for every word
        and action.